Does Your Mood Swing? Mine Does!

Mood swings are unfortunately an integral part of being a girl, mostly associated with hormonal changes that occur in the body, especially as a preface or aftermath to ‘that time of the month’. I don’t think I or the people around me noticed these swings in my younger days… or maybe my mom did in the form of my temper. I never associated it with mood swings, but thinking back I am guessing that’s what it was. Does it change/increase with age? Maybe it did when I hit my 30s. Anyway, these days I can see a clear pattern, my tolerance level changes, I get annoyed very quickly, and it doesn’t take much for me to snap… mostly at Mr. P because the poor guy is the only one around.

Why am I talking about mood swings? This happened on Friday. I was supposed to collect something from a friend’s home before coming home. I did and came home, let myself in, and walked up the stairs carrying the object. Mr. P was working. I kept the object on the dining table, went in to change, and came back out.
Me: Shall I make coffee?
No answer
Me: (louder) Shall I make coffee?
Mr. P: Yes, do you want me to make it?
Me: No
Mr. P: Did you collect it during your break?
Me: (annoyed) Isn’t that what I carried in 10 mins back?
Mr. P: Why are you getting angry? I did not ask anything wrong.
Me: (getting more annoyed) I am just tired and annoyed. Sorry
Mr. P: But why are you annoyed. I did not ask anything wrong.
Me: You knew I was going to collect it, then why the question?

The conversation ended after a few more exchanges, we both apologized and sat down to sip on some hot coffee. But I knew it hadn’t ended, my mood was completely off.

We had another disagreement in the night and I went to bed disturbed. I woke up early, with the hope that my meditation and walk would help me calm down. The walk seemed to help a little, but then as the morning progressed, things simply worsened. We barely spoke and after a point, I just broke down. I strongly believe that a good cry is essential because it is cathartic and usually makes me feel lighter. Are you familiar with that feeling? I know some who would agree with me.

Unfortunately, the waterworks weren’t enough and the sour mood continued through the day. A few more hours, a good night’s sleep, and a hearty breakfast later I was finally feeling better. There was a slight hangover, but as the day passed I got back to feeling normal and was even able to complete my meditation session successfully.

Now, as I write this, I am thinking about the women in my life who may also be going through these mood swings on a regular basis. I am glad that I have someone who puts up with my moods and genuinely hope that all of you out there also have someone supportive, who understands what you are going through and stands by you through it all.

Until I write again, stay happy, stay healthy, and let the tears flow when they have to. Your mood will keep swinging, swing along with it and take it all in your stride, it’s just another aspect of being human!


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