The Benefits of Being Accountable!

My Valentine’sDay collection

Happy Valentine’s Day :-). Today was extra special because I came home with a bag full of unexpected goodies, from the children.

As of today, I started my fourth week at the preschool and the past three weeks have been educational, to say the least. There’s so much to learn from those little kids… life lessons at their best.

I had a little accident while making pooris a couple of weeks ago and have a visible scar from the oil splatter. The kids in the class did not see it for a few days as it remained covered under my long sleeve tops and sweaters. But then, the weather turned and I went to school in a t-shirt. The kids saw the scar and were curious and concerned. The curious ones wanted to know how it happened and the concerned ones wanted to know if I was ok. I told them it happened when I was cooking dinner and that it was getting better. A few days into the week, I was helping a three-something-year-old boy, Q, and he saw the scar.
Q – “Ms. Aparna, are you OK?”
Me – “Yes, Q, I am OK. Why do you ask?
Q (pointing to the scar) – “Does that hurt?”
Me – Not so much now. It’s getting better.
Q (with a mischievous smile) – “It happened when you were making dinner?
Me – “Yes, Q”
Q – “So, you were cooking in the kitchen and then you cooked yourself? Hi hi hi
Me – At a loss for words!

At that age, children are so innocent and genuine, still untouched by the world’s evils. If only we could all hold on to at least some of that innocence, life would have been completely different. Don’t you think so?

While regaining the lost innocence may be impossible, I figured there are other things that I can regain and maintain. For instance, my morning meditation routine that I had lazily given up over the past year or so. A friend, Ms. U, texted me and said she was going to do a course that Mr. P and I had done a few years ago and asked if I was practicing regularly. I sheepishly told her that my routine has been erratic. She asked if I would like to start again, with her, so that we could be accountable to each other. I was glad she asked because I have noticed that I tend to stick to routines when I have a companion. Ms. G knows that too well, as we have been doing our morning walks together for a long time now.

Hence, thanks to Ms. U, I am now back on track with my morning routine and even though I constantly complain about having to wake up before sunrise, I am loving it. Growing up, I was never a morning person. I preferred sitting through the night to study, and while I could stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning, I could never wake up at that time to study. But now, I find that the mornings are the best for some me-time… just my thoughts and some chirping birds adding a natural charm to the hour.

As I wind down on my Monday night, I look forward to the chirping of the birds as I meditate tomorrow morning, wiping away any blues that may be there. Just as I have regained my routine and have a companion to stay accountable to, I hope you also find someone like that to help you stick to your routine.

Until I write again, stay safe, healthy happy, and accountable to yourself, your companions, and to life!


One thought on “The Benefits of Being Accountable!

  1. “Being accountable” is a loose metaphor. While you feel that you are accountable to Ms U for sticking to your Yoga routine, the actual accountability is to yourself. If you took a decision to do yoga daily, irrespective of its actual or perceived benefits, if you do not follow the regimen, you are cheating yourselves.
    As a corollary, you are accountable for all your actions, whether it was done for somebody else or as a sacrifice.
    Good to see that you have started enjoying the company of small children and the children are friendly with you. Good going!

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