There’s Always a First: Virtual Cooking Demo

Those who know me know my love for cooking. What now feels like eons ago, a friend, who I’ll call Ms. G, and I decided to start a blog. The plan was to share with the world (more like our immediate families and some friends) everyday recipes and some treats on festival days and such. It started off well, we managed to post quite a few recipes in the beginning but the interest slowly faded (not in cooking, just the writing and posting part). Ms. G slowly moved away but I tried to keep the blog alive for a few years. After a point, interesting recipes became hard to come by and I eventually gave up on it too.

Over the past few years, many have asked me why I haven’t considered starting a YouTube channel or at least post cooking videos. Trust me, the thought has crossed my mind many a times but it never materialized. Partly because of my discomfort in facing the camera and the lack of motivation (read as extreme laziness and procrastination) to try something new. Just recently, a friend asked, “Why don’t you start a YouTube channel?” I gave her the same lame answer of having thought about it and not acting on it. At the end of our conversation, I was sure of one thing. If I ever start a cooking channel, I’ll have one subscriber for sure :-).

Mango lassi

Soon after that, Ms. G asked if I would be part of a cooking camp for kids, which she was conducting. She wanted me to do a short video session where I would talk about myself, my passion for cooking and things like that. My immediate response was “No, I suck at talking about myself.” She, of course, wouldn’t take no for an answer and as the discussion continued, I had a brainwave. What if I did a little demo for the kids, virtually?! It would reduce the time I had to spend talking about myself, and I could do something that I enjoy: cooking. Luckily, she liked the idea. We decided on a common favorite, one of the most ordered drinks in Indian restaurants around the country – Mango Lassi. The Zoom call started at 11 AM and I was welcomed by a bunch of 5-10 year olds who looked genuinely interested to see what I had to share. Apart from a few initial fumbles (like I said earlier, I suck at talking about myself) , the rest of the session was quite a success, if I may say so myself.

It lasted for about 30 minutes and the kids enjoyed sampling their mango lassis, which Ms. G made for them during the demo. Once it ended, my husband said, “That was really good, I liked the way you made it interesting for the kids. The flow was good.” Little did he know that my knees had been knocking and my palms were sweaty for first 10 minutes and that I had my haphazard script open throughout ;-).

Anyway, long story short my first cooking demo was quite a success considering the fact that the kids actually sat through the entire session and enjoyed learning how to make their own mango lassi.


  1. Apart from having to talk about myself, I can handle a cooking demo decently.
  2. There’s a special joy in imparting cooking skills to others, especially kids.
  3. Simple recipes are the best place to start.
  4. A little push from friends and family can come in handy when it comes to getting out of one’s comfort zone and trying new things.

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