Looking Back at the Year That Was…2020

Who would have thought that 2020 was going to be such an unforgettable year? Just like everyone else, I started the year with some plans, hopes and aspirations. The first one was a change in career and as the first step towards that, my friend Ms. M and I enrolled for a certification program that would make us eligible to become assistant teachers in preschool classrooms. Things started off well, we both stepped into a classroom after almost a decade and I for one was definitely nervous. It also did not help that the rest of class was filled with kids… one of our youngest classmates was a senior in high school, so you can imagine our plight.

But we did not let that deter us, and we were determined to create new college memories in our 30s. We hoped to go to the canteen, hang out in the campus, and generally have a fun time away from our household chores. We had only three classes to attend, so there was no question of bunking, but we were really thrilled about the entire experience. And for those of you who may be thinking this (I know who you are), NO, we weren’t interested in the boys ;-).

But come March everything changed. I was working in a preschool and on March 13th, I heard rumors that the school would close down for a few weeks owing to the fast-spreading Covid-19 virus. I had not realized until then how ominous Friday, the 13th was! Anyway, you all know what followed. We finished off our Spring and Fall semesters online and looks like the next semester will follow suit.

You would have got a drift of where I am going with this.Though we all had our own plans for 2020, the universe had other plans for us. So, as I write my last blog for this indescribable year, I’d like to look back and ponder about lessons learned, observations made and such in the year that was… 2020.

  1. We started the year off on the right foot and though things changed course, managed to go with the flow.
  2. We are thankful and grateful to have been able to retain a job and cannot really complain about the situation, unlike others who have suffered major losses.
  3. People can be very adamant when it comes to following guidelines provided for their own safety.
  4. Ignorance and stupidity can cause major havoc and unfortunately do not come with a cure.
  5. Staying at home and not being able to travel anywhere made us want to strengthen our ties with our family and friends, leading to many group calls and reunions.
  6. Friendships became stronger and transformed into much closer, familial bonds
  7. I did my first ever cooking demo for a group of kids and was very happy with the results.
  8. Anniversaries, birthdays and festivals became more special and became an excuse for group video calls.
  9. After a few months of eating every meal at home, my palate started craving new flavors. Food brought over by friends was a welcome change.
  10. When schools closed and all classes moved to online platforms, parents learned how difficult it is to be a teacher.
  11. People took up crafting, painting, cooking, gardening and other hobbies to keep themselves occupied; some even put their skills to started small businesses.
  12. I did some crafting too, but being a procrastinator my projects are still in progress πŸ™‚
  13. Healthcare workers, firefighters and first responders have officially taken over as the world’s superheroes.
  14. Hand sanitizers and masks became precious commodities.
  15. Of all things possible, this country faced a toilet paper shortage.
  16. The country was ravaged by wildfires, hurricanes and peaceful protests that turned violent.
  17. Good leadership is essential for a country to thrive, especially during dire times like this. Unfortunately, we did not have that and we are seeing the consequences in the form of a second wave that is deadlier than the first.
  18. We voted in our first ever Presidential election and are glad to have made an impact on the results.
  19. A cousin once said that the best test for compatibility is to send a couple on a long cruise where they are stuck with each other with no escape route. This pandemic has been a similar test for all and Mr. P and I learned that we would rather be stuck at home with each other, than with anyone else. Getting on each other’s nerves has been a mild side effect of the pandemic :-).
  20. I restarted this blog in May and have managed to write once a week since then and hope to continue into the new year.

As I conclude, I’d like to thank all of you who have regularly read, responded and appreciated my ramblings. It has been the best encouragement I could have asked for and I truly hope that it will last for as long as I write here πŸ˜€.

Here’s to a Very Merry Christmas and Joyful Holiday Season!!!


7 thoughts on “Looking Back at the Year That Was…2020

  1. That’s a beautiful culmination!!
    When I read that, this is going to be the last post for the year, I felt sad, then I realised it will be New Year soon.. πŸ˜„
    Loved all the 20 points, you’ve observed and noted it down so well. I really appreciate you for the 20th point. Very good job and keep going!
    Looking fwd to read your posts in 2021!!
    Happy holidays!!

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