When Sin City Calls…

Today being Thanksgiving and all, I’d like to start off by thanking our families for being supportive of our girls’ trip. As I had mentioned in my previous blog, such trips happen only with the support and encouragement from the husbands, kids, in-laws, etc… we are grateful for them.

This whole Las Vegas idea began about four years ago when the five of us were generally discussing going on a trip together. The main intention of the trip was to simply get away from the everyaday routine. Life happened… situations changed, plans got postponed, canceled, rescheduled, and finally in early October, we did the bookings. Ms. M got us awesome flight and hotel deals and we were all thrilled. We even got matching t-shirts to wear in Vegas. As our trip neared, last week this time, one of us had to drop out because of health reasons (we tried our best to encourage her, but it was her health and there wasn’t much we could do). We all were really sad, but the rest of us continued prepping for the trip and on Friday evening, we finally set off to the airport because “we were leaving on a jet plane.”

The four of us landed in Vegas at about 10:30 PM, took a cab to the hotel, freshened up, and went off to do one of the things we do best, eat :). We had decided to forget all our diet restrictions (if any) and eat to our heart’s fullest…no stomach’s fullest. So the four ravenous ladies reached the food court at midnight and managed to get pizza slices and a stromboli but couldn’t satiate our sweet tooth… oh and the alcohol..there was a little bit involved in the form of a frozen pina colada and mango cocktails. We modestly bought only 2 and split it… but someone I know had a bit more than her share and loved it… you know who you are ;-).

After the late night snack, we went back to our room, settled into the comfrotable couches and had a heart-to-heart chat till 3 AM… after which we could barely keep our eyes open. Since there wasn’t anything planned for the morning, we slept in till 9, got ready slowly, and left to explore Sin City. A few hours into the strolling, we decided to do something none of us has ever done before… post a Reel on Instagram! I did have a bit of an inhibition to do stuff in public, but ginally we did it… joined the trend and danced to ‘Without idly there is no chutney…’. Soon, it was time for lunch, and after briefly looking at the map, we started our 27 minute walk to the destination. After about 15 minutes or so, we started wondering why we weren’t able to the name of the hotel… only to realize that we had been going in the opposite direction. And this happened when we all were sober :-D.

Even though people had suggested ‘naughty’ things to do in Sin City, the four of us being kudumba kuthuvilaks settled for a not-naughty Cirque du Soleil show that night and a 11 PM reservation at a fancy restaurant. Since there was no other agenda, we walked and walked and walked and by the end of Saturday had gathered over 21,000 steps on each of our fitness trackers. I am sure my FitBit was super confused and maybe even cross at having made it count so much!

We watched Mystère by Cirque du Soleil, and it was nothing less than STUNNING. The acrobatics, the comedy, the costumes, and the singers were all simply brilliant. After the show, we did the customary outdoor shows at The Mirage and The Bellagio and walked to our fancy dinner at Tao Asian Bistro, which boasts a religious dining experience and a spiritual nightclub. None of us found anything religious except a huge statue of The Buddha in the middle of the restaurant. The ambiance was not what we expected, it was too congested and TOO loud… not complementing the amazing food and drinks we had there. Or was it because we are all a little old for all that noise???

Anyway, after another late night, we had a slightly late start to our last day in Vegas. We did more walking, a super fun Virtual reality jungle river rafting adventure, and eating after which it was time to say goodbye to Vegas. Before that, we recorded a couple more funny reels and then bid adieu.

Our two and half days of virtual reality were over and we were each back in our own realities, of home, family, work etc., etc. It was good to take a break and it was equally good to be back. I know it is difficult, it took us four years to do this. But I request you to try and take a break from your reality, when possible, spend time with friends, and come back refreshed and rejuvenated. Until I write again, stay happy and healthy!


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