There’s Something About Wednesdays…

As a child, I was often told by elders in the family that it is auspicious to wear new clothes on a Wednesday; according to them, it increased one’s chances of getting more new clothes. If it were true, wouldn’t we all be parading new clothes every Wednesday? Anyway, Wednesdays have a good rep in our mundane adult lives… being the midweek bump, after which the weekend feels so much closer.

Last year, when Ms. M and I were doing our certification course, we conducted observations at the school where I currently work. We were there twice a week, including a Wednesday. A few weeks into our observation, we started noticing a pattern. Even the most well-behaved children would somehow go berserk on Wednesdays.

I have two very recent examples to prove my point that there’s something about Wednesdays! For the past week and a half, I have been Managing the classroom in the absence of my lead teacher. It was going OK until Wednesday. Before I get to the incident, let me introduce you to Ms. V, a 3.7-year-old who thinks she can get away with anything just because she is super cute (she actually does). She understands English very well but speaks very little, but that doesn’t dampen her spirits or her mischievousness. As part of her daily activities, she likes going under the tables and playing peek-a-boo, running around the class mixing objects from different activities, drinking from her friends’ water bottles, and eating her lunch everywhere other than at her table, and more, all while flashing a mischievous grin.

Coming to last Wednesday… we were settling down for circle time when Ms. V went to the bathroom. She came back saying there was no toilet paper, so my colleague MS. S went to help her. Ms. V came back and joined us, after which another child went to use the bathroom. He screamed as soon as he entered the toilet, “Ms. S, Ms. Aparna come here, the toilet is overflowing!!!” We ran to find one of the toilets stuffed with toilet paper and overflowing, flooding the bathroom floor. The culprit — Ms. V. While my colleague and our office admin were clearing the mess, I went back to circle time and eventually got busy helping other children with their activities. Ms. S suddenly said, “V is under the table. Oh no, she has a scissor in her hand.” I quickly moved the chairs away and what did I see? Hair strands, on the floor and on her t-shirt!!! Phew!!! Our Wednesday was just getting started.

Fast forward to today… another midweek bump that started decently but went on to become chaotic. Luckily we didn’t have any clogged toilets and haircuts; just extremely unruly children who refused to pay any heed to us, eat their lunches quietly, nap etc.

I just remembered that the thought-provoking 2008 Hindi movie starring Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher (remade as Unnai Pol Oruvan in Tamil) was also called A Wednesday! Now, do you believe that there’s something about Wednesdays? Have you had any such experiences, on Wednesdays or not? Do share. Until I write again, I hope that your every day is as exciting and eventful as my Wednesdays are… why should my colleagues and I be the only ones having all fun? 🙂


2 thoughts on “There’s Something About Wednesdays…

  1. 😄 oh oh naughty little V. I had a good laugh listening to your eventful midweek.
    Never looked at Wednesday like this before. I thought Fridays were the days for horror 😄 but now that Wednesday is grinning at me. 😬

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