Have You Ever Thought, What If???

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and only today did I get time to pen it… oops, type it. Many a time, I have wondered, what if certain things had turned out differently. Mr. P and I were having this discussion once and he said, think about how our lives would have been if we had never met. This brought a flurry of questions to my mind, such as what if I had chosen a teaching career a decade ago… what if I had never come to the US… what if I had never gone to the colleges I did… what if my parents had chosen to settle elsewhere… I can go way back, but then I would just be boring you, so I’ll stop here. Do I have answers to all of my what if questions? I have some and have never thought of the rest, but I honestly don’t care because I like what I have and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Talking about a career in teaching, I recently became an assistant teacher at a preschool and successfully completed my first week with a baker’s dozen of 3-5 year olds. After five days of being in a classroom, I went to sleep last night feeling relatively okay, but woke up this morning feeling as though I had just finished a strenuous HIIT session…phew! — the after effect of a successful week in a preschool classroom. I shouldn’t complain though, the kids were absolutely adorable and except for one child who cries at the drop of a hat, I haven’t witnessed tantrums of any kind, yet. Having been busy adjusting to my new schedule, I did miss posting last week… What if I had better time-management skills, would I have been able to write a blog? Maybe…

Apart from that, life has been as normal as it can be in the circumstances. With a new job, in a school environment with children too young to be vaccinated, I have been on an extra cautious mode. Wearing two masks for 6 hours, a sanitizer bottle at easy reach, and a constant watch for children with any kind of symptoms is not much fun. But I shouldn’t be complaining, considering the fact that many local schools and the world in general is still experiencing outbreaks. This school has seen its share of cases and things seem to have settled. I am selfishly hoping it stays that way.

Now that I have shared my ‘what if’ thoughts with you and given you an update, let me ask you this, have you ever thought of how life would’ve been if things had panned out differently? What if you had taken a different career route, married a different person..not married at all… Do you regret any of your choices? Let me know your thoughts.

Until I write again, take care, stay safe, don’t dwell too much on your ‘what if’ questions and learn to move on!


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