A Suitcase Full of Love…

My MIL recently came from India and with her came a suitcase full of love, from my parents. Mr. P and I had some special requests, but what came was MORE than what we had asked for. If you look at things that came, there isn’t one item that can be termed ‘extra’ or ‘not useful’, but were they essential? Maybe not.

My folks received two rounds of firing from me, one as soon as I heard that they had sent lots of things and one after seeing it. The second round started with a sugar coating of many thank yous from the son-in-law before I took over. I of course couldn’t be mean and loud (considering they had sent only things that we love) but I did dole out punishment by saying that their annual Onam package has been banned for 2022… we’ll see how that pans out.

Over the years that we have been here, I have noticed this trend with many parents, including mine — they tend to buy specialty food items (which they think are not available here) and exclusive handicrafts, clothes, etc. and send them over, now that shipping is easier when compared to the time when we had just come to this country. Though some of those items are genuinely not available here, the package of love gets overwhelming, especially for people like Mr. P and me. The goodies vanish in warp speed only to later appear as muffin tops and love handles if you get my drift ;-).

Here’s an example of their interesting finds!

What I have understood, though, is that this is the only way they are able to express their love and care, and I don’t blame them for that. I love to cook for and buy unique gifts for my select few… the satisfaction I get from seeing their joy is blissful. For that alone, I must give my parents, especially my mom, extra credit. They have a knack to find really unique things. I do not deny the special joy in receiving gifts from loved ones too, the only issue I have is with the trouble and effort they put to get these things to us.

As I type my last blog for the year, I am joyful and grateful to have awesome parents, loving family members, and a bunch of friends who are like family. Until I write again, stay safe, happy, and healthy. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with happiness, health, and stress-free days… oh and also suitcases full of love from your near and dear! 🙂


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