How Often Do You Monitor Your Bank/Card Accounts?

Did you adjust your clocks???

Before I start today’s topic, here’s an important question to my readers in the US… did you set your clocks back by an hour on Sunday??? I have been in this country for 16 years and have still not understood the need for Day Light Savings Time. It ended on Sunday and I know I am going to hate the next four months simply because it will be pitch dark outside, but my clock will show 6 PM or even 5.30 as we get into the winter months.

I had started writing about something else last night, but changed my mind in the morning and decided to go back to the online scam/ fraud topic that I had written about a couple of weeks back. What made me go back?

I received an email, last evening, saying there was a fraudulent purchase on one of my debit cards and that the card had been suspended. I assumed it to be spam (especially because the From email did not mention the bank’s name and only said and deleted it. I also did not bother to log into the account and check (first mistake). Today morning, I received a text with the same information and that made me think twice. I logged in and saw a notification saying the card had been suspended and a list of four transactions not made by me (two from as far back as Dec 2020). I am glad I set up the fraud alert system early this year… if not, these would have gone completely unnoticed.

This card is linked to one of my savings accounts and I have NEVER used it. It has been sitting in my wallet for years and when I logged in, I saw two Door Dash transactions in San Francisco made in Dec. 2020 and one in Ohio, and one in London of all places (both dated Nov 7th). While my card and I haven’t been outside SoCal since November 2019, someone had eaten Koran barbecue worth $161 in SFO and bought athletic gear in London for $90. What do you think Mr. P said when he heard this? He said, “If you have so much money, you could’ve given me some, I am right here.” Like that’s ever going to happen LOL. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but he and some of my friends have heard this logic of mine repeatedly. Our joint accounts are OURS, but my accounts are ONLY mine ;-).

Anyway, coming back to the fraud. I called the bank, said I had received these fraud alerts, and noticed that my card had been suspended. The lady assisting me said that there had been two fresh attempts on and E-Bay this morning and both had been blocked. She immediately ordered a new card and connected me to the claims department. The new representative asked me a few questions and filed claims for the two older transactions and said that the new ones from yesterday had already been blocked as suspicious activity.
Note to self: Next time you receive the monthly statement, log in and check!!!

Until I write again, stay safe, keep track of your credit/debit cards, bank accounts, etc regularly. Don’t be like me.


2 thoughts on “How Often Do You Monitor Your Bank/Card Accounts?

  1. Fraudsters are most of the times ahead of the web security agencies. The mehods they choose are quite novel and target the gullible public at large.
    Added to this is the data breaches from larger financial institutions and illegal data sales by the “dark web”.
    When we were dealing only with paper or metal money, we had to be careful against pick pockets and street thugs, but now with plastic and virtual money, we do not as to where all the threats are.

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  2. Oh my..!! That’s scary. Good that you checked atleast by now, can save some bbqs for Mr. P 🙃

    Challenges come in different ways. Long back if it was pick pockets, now this. We need to be very alert.

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