The Excitement of Being Alone… for a Few Hours

So, this happened last week. My dear Mr. P’s office laptop had some issues and it so happened that even after hours on the phone with the IT folks, it still did not get fixed. Finally, it was decided that he had to go to the office and have it fixed in person. So, after about one year, Mr. P had to go to the office. My first question to him was, “Do you still remember how to get there?” He gave me a look… but the fact is that he never goes anywhere without turning his map on ;-), so I knew he wouldn’t get lost. And I was not the only one who asked that question, my mother asked it too…

YAAAAAY…I’ll have the house to myself!!!!

I thought I had asked a funny question, but he had a funnier one (but very pertinent it was), “On which floor was my cubicle?” My response? Yes, you guessed, I was laughing out loud… to say it mildly. Finally, he was ready and walked to the car… backpack, water bottle and all, like a kid going back to school. At the entrance to the garage, he looked at me and said, “jyan poyittu varaam,” (directly translated to I’ll go and come) and I literally did this >>>

Poor Mr. P, you should have seen his face. But in my defence, I have a very good justification for my reaction. I have mentioned this before, and I am saying it again that I have a strong liking for being ALONE. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a loner and I have definitely enjoyed this long work-from-home stint that Mr. P has had. But, there have been times, in this 3-bedroom house with 2 occupants, when I have felt like I need space for myself. So what did I do as soon as I had the whole house for myself? I worked, in absolute silence, made pasta for lunch (Mr. P is not a fan), watched a baking competition on Netflix, and left for my preschool observation session at 2. He was home by the time I returned and he was like, “You used to text me and ask eppo varum (when will you come), today there was nothing.” :-D.

His laptop wasn’t ready, so my husband had to go back the next day. As he was leaving, he said, “You must be thrilled to have the house to yourself again,” and I just smiled. The thrill was not the same as the previous day, and I had a lot of work, so it really didn’t make a difference. But I am not the only one who enjoys this solitude. I have a friend who has, on multiple occasions, mentioned how she waits to be alone at home, simply to get her studies-related work done. There are others who have mentioned how they yearn for some alone time, just for some peaceful thinking time.

Back to us… a few hours at office turned into a whole day for Mr. P, and when he came home, he had to admit that the change was good. Two days of being out, meeting a colleague for lunch, and driving back in the evening traffic was all a welcome change after such a long time.

After I got my chance to be alone at home, I returned the favor by going out with my friends last evening. How did Mr. P enjoy his my time? He turned on his favorite nostalgic music, tinkered with a new set of speakers, and most importantly (for me), did the dishes and wiped down the kitchen, leaving it sparkly clean.

What did we realize from this? Regardless of how much we enjoy each other’s company, there is no doubt that a little time and space to ourselves is precious… be it to simply drive alone, work alone, or enjoy the silence that a quiet house provides. It definitely helps one rejuvenate, collect thoughts in solitude, and more than anything appreciate the company we have even more.

So if you have been feeling stuck and suffocated, try and change your routine a bit, do something by yourself and FOR yourself, and enjoy the solitude. I guarantee you, it’ll do wonders for your soul.

Until I write again, I hope you all are able to find time and space for yourself and that your partner or family members understand the need for this space. Stay healthy, happy, and content!


7 thoughts on “The Excitement of Being Alone… for a Few Hours

  1. So very true.Once in a while alone time is very much needed.Just relax ,enjoy the quietness and do something of your liking.Great.

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  2. My Time; I would like to qualify it a bit more, “My Quality Time”. This could be with or without people around. Whenever I pick up my tablet to read a book or watch some non-sense humour movie bits, it is my quality time. I almost switch off from the surroundings and fully concentrate on the reading or viewing.

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