Who Wants to Do Some SUPW?

I don’t know how many noticed, but I missed a post last week… for the first time in 16 months. My excuse (s)? I have many โ€” busy week at work, certification course picking up momentum, a tinge of laziness, and a shortage of topics. This week would have also gone by in a similar manner, but I decided to not let my excuses get the better of me… so here we are!

How many of you know what SUPW is? I am sure my Kendriya Vidyalaya folks will remember our sometimes dreaded, sometimes fun Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) classes also popularly known as socially useless unproductive work. I had no idea that SUPW has a Wikipedia page of its own; did you know?

For those who aren’t familiar, SUPW comprised arts and crafts classes such as painting, tie & dye, knitting, tailoring etc. In most of the schools that I attended, these classes were pretty banal and never created any kind of interest (in me) towards arts and crafts. But then there were some school where the appointed teachers were talented artists who cared about particular types of arts and crafts. It is from some of them that I learned the basics of knitting (I remember making purses for my mother, grandmother, and others), tailoring (I know I stitched one skirt which I was very proud of) and some other crafts.

All through college and for a few years after I moved here, I did not give arts & crafts much thought but then I discovered Michaels: a store dedicated to all things creative. I still remember my first visit to a branch in San Jose, I was as thrilled as a kid let loose in a toy store. Aisles full of yarn, paint, wax, candle making kits, ribbons, artificial flowers, wreath forms… the list goes on and on. If an occasional crafter like me can be so thrilled, simply imagine professionals. Because of this abundance of crafting materials and DIY tutorials available online, I restarted knitting (yet to conquer sweaters), candle-making, and other little things here and there.

I love seasonal crafts, especially making wreaths and door swag for our front door. By now you may have guessed why I have been talking so much about craftingโ€ฆ. it’s because I went back to Michaels today after a long long time and made a fun and simple wreath, which I’d like to share with all of you.

Things needed for the wreath: Hay wreath form; miniature gourds, artificial leaves, & glue gun (my new toy)
  1. I chose a hay wreath because I really liked it’s rusticity. You can choose any wreath form (foam/grapevine wreath etc).
  2. The miniature gourds were exactly what I wanted.
  3. The glue gun was a last minute addition to my list. (The glue gun is not key, but you will need some kind of strong adhesive to stick the gourds and leaves onto the form. As an alternate, you could use long pins to place the elements onto the wreath form too.)
  4. Tip from an amateur crafter: before you start sticking the elements, please do a trial run by placing each element and conceptualizing how the wreath would look. If there are multiple design options, take photographs to compare and decide a final design, especially if there are many elements.
  5. Once you have a design set in your head, using the glue or pins, place each element firmly onto the wreath, tie a ribbon, yarn, or twine and find the right spot to display your pretty Fall wreath.

Hoping to keep writing without skipping a beat… until I write again, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep crafting, reading, singing or whatever it is that makes you happy :-).

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