The Boy in the Black Jeep

Have you ever used Tinder? I have never understood dating apps, probably because I’ve never had to use them… they weren’t even around until a few years back. I guess our generation didn’t need dating apps to find someone ;-). Anyway, this happened earlier this week… Tuesday to be precise. Mr. P and I had just stepped out for our evening walk when a black jeep came and parked right in front of our house. I noticed the driver look toward the house a couple of times, without getting out of the jeep. He kept sitting there, looking into his phone and glancing at us and the house a few more times…something was fishy. Naturally, Mr.P became suspicious and decided to hang around for some time and watch him. He watered the plants slowly as I walked up and down the drive way, while the guy kept looking toward the house repeatedly.

After a few minutes, we left for our walk but kept watching the live-feed video through our security camera. Peaking our suspicion, the boy stepped out of the jeep, glanced at our house, walked towards our neighbor’s home, came back to his vehicle, leaned on it and kept looking at his phone and at our house. We immediately turned around and started walking back and as we were nearing, he walked up the steps and peered in through the speakeasy opening on our door. Even our friends have never looked in through that window, the way he did. After glancing around, he noticed the door bell camera and suddenly realized that his actions were being watched. Then, he rang the bell (which rings like a call on our phones), peeped inside again, and waited. Mr. P picked the call but couldn’t hear the guy clearly. He jogged/walked briskly back home, walked up to the car and asked, “Can I help you?” He responded, “I’m waiting for someone. Do you live here?” That kinda put my husband off, because the boy had seen us leave from there. The conversation continued like this:

Mr. P: You’ve been here for some time now, and we were wondering what was going on.
The boy: I was just looking for this girl, Jenna.
Mr. P: Well, you could’ve asked us when you saw us earlier.
The boy: Oh, I’m sorry. (Still not convinced that we lived here)
Mr. P: The way you’ve been acting just looked very suspicious. I was going to call 911
The boy: Oh, I didn’t realize it, I am sorry.

Keep in mind that throughout the conversation, he was trying his best to avoid eye contact… making him look even more suspicious. By then I caught up, and saw the boy looking for something on the phone again while Mr. P walked to the back of the jeep and clicked a picture of the number plate. Meanwhile, I asked him what address he was looking for, thinking that he could be on the wrong street. And he said he was looking for our address…and a girl named Jenna.

We told him no one by that name lived here. He said he had met Jenna on Tinder and was here to take her on a date. I told him, “Too bad, it looks like she gave you the wrong address.” He said, “Yeah, too bad,” but wasn’t too convinced. He kept looking into his phone for some more time as we went inside. We closed the door and he finally left. If his story was true, edho penkutti ayaale nannayi theychu…(some girl nicely played him) and it’s scary that some girl randomly gave our address as hers and a stranger was at our door. If his story was made up, we need to be more aware and careful.

I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt since he was a 19-20 year old boy, possibly meeting a girl for the first time, nervous about it, etc., but Mr. P is convinced that it was all a tall story. Especially because the boy could’ve asked for Jenna when he first saw us. The manner in which he behaved is what made the whole episode super suspicious.

Still assuming that his story is true, I have only one advice for him, avalu vendra, ivalu vendra, ee kaanunnavalmaaronnum vendra…especially ee tinderile penkuttikalu endhaayalum vendra. Watch original song here: :-D.

What do you think, did the boy in the black jeep get stood up or did he have other intentions?

Feature Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash


5 thoughts on “The Boy in the Black Jeep

  1. Would love to give the fellow the benefit of the doubt, but still it was entirely fishy n somewhere I think you 3 were being watched by Jenna 😜. She probably wanted to assess him before going out with him a thought that came from the point he rang the bell looked inside.

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      1. Heheheh true! But if the girl was assessing him from far really feeling for the guy here, but otherwise I too find the rest of his actions suspicious n am with Ettan on that. Still he came in the jeep parked in front n didn’t run when he saw the camera though might have been intimidated coz he had to speak to a man when he expected a woman so ya the whole thing is a big jumble.

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