An aunt of mine, Ms. S, suggested that I should write about my morning walks — the routes I take, my neighborhood etc, so that people who have only heard about this area can visualize it too. At first, I didn’t give it much thought, but as I sat down to write, I figured, why not, it might turn out to be a fun post.

#morningwalkfinds: Foggy Sunrise

My morning walks are my main source of exercise, because evening walks with Mr. P are erratic, to say the least. We go one day, then we don’t for the next —— days (fill with any number you like, it’ll still be right). I am not really a morning person, so when I started going on these walks many years back, it used to be at or after 10 AM, even in the summer. But after I started working, I had to change the routine to anytime between 5.30 & 6.30… I am not a big fan, especially in the winters when it is still dark, but I am used to it now.

Fast forward many years, to the year of the global pandemic, when Ms. G and I decided to restart our walks (together but miles apart) in the hopes of talking each other through all our silly or serious everyday issues. I must say, we have been quite successful in managing to walk at least 5 days a week (minus the days when one or both of us gets busy/ill/ or simply LAZY).

#morningwalkfinds – Fall Colors

I walk anywhere between 2.5 and a little over 3 miles and have two routes that are the right distance. One is a mixture of a relatively busy main road and an inside street that winds along houses and a golf course. It was my regular route for a long time, and regardless of the number of times I have walked past the golf course, I am still amused by the number of people who are there bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30 AM. Wednesdays are extra entertaining, because, I believe, they have a ladies special. Groups of three or four ladies can be seen hanging out in or near their golf carts, chatting, laughing, and then playing some golf… And by the way, that particular club charges $35-$165 per 30-45 minute session, depending on the time of the day, age of the player, and membership status. Definitely a rich man’s/woman’s game.

The other route, my current favorite, is an unpaved trail, mostly along an open valley. Though the area is dry and brown, the constant chirping of the birds, the varieties of sparrows that flutter about, some beautifully groomed backyards with bright, colorful flowers, and an occasional foggy sunrise are all gorgeous sights for my sleepy eyes.

A few years back, when I started my Instagram account, I started posting photos of these pretty sights and used the morningwalkfinds hashtag. These ranged from flowers, to beautiful cloud patterns, the sunrise, trees, and whatever pretty thing caught my eyes. I continue to post these, though not as often as before.

#morningwalkfinds – Roadside Art

Though I haven’t made any friends along my walking paths, there are some regulars whom I see everyday. Here are a few observations:
1. There is an old man who walks, no he actually ambles along the golf course, stops and talks to people he knows, smiles at everyone and says good morning to all.
2. In contrast, there are a few who barely look at anyone else and just go about their business. That I can handle, but there’s a third category of people, whoa re annoying.
3. These folks refuse to respond to or even acknowledge me… you know what I mean, right? They smile, nod, and look at people who look like them, but when I pass by, I become invisible. I didn’t realize it for the first few times, but then I understood and stopped making any attempts to be friendly to them.

Apart from a few who fall into the second and third categories, the remaining people I meet in the mornings are friendly and that, along with the pretty sights I get to see on most days are enough to get my day started well.

Until I write again, keep walking, stay safe, and stay healthy!

One thought on “#MorningWalkFinds

  1. During morning walks, I generally concentrate on the walking, hence am not much bothered about the other fellow walkers, but I do notice the people and get a bit worried when I do not see people for a few days. There was an old man on Kamdar Nagar Second Street who used to amble a couple of rounds daily, on his own to start with and accompanied by a helper later on. He was missing for a couple of weeks. A couple of months later, I heard from his son that the old man dies at the age of 102.

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