Cooking is Really Good for the Soul, Isn’t It?

This has nothing to do with cooking, but I had to write about it: We were driving towards a nearby Home Depot last evening, when I noticed this interesting placement of two buildings. One was a senior living community and right opposite was a Memorial Services center. Mr. P and I were talking about it and laughing for a while, wondering whether the senior living community opened first or the memorial services… what do you think? One of them (or both) really thought hard about the proximity of the two businesses. I don’t mean to be cynical, but simply imagine a conversation they could have had:

Senior living: We are planning to start a senior living apartment complex in this location.
Memorial Services: Oh that is great. We have been looking for the right location to open… is there any availability nearby?
Senior living: Oh yes, I know the perfect place, bang opposite where the apartments are coming. We will have a host of old people coming to live in our apartments…. eventually they’ll need memorial services. Maybe we can advertise using you guys as an added attraction: convenient memorial services right next door… how about that?
Memorial services: That sounds perfect. Let’s shake on that!

Eight months to get to this!

Anyway, this happened on Friday so let’s rewind to the beginning of the week and start from there. The week started normally, after a very mundane weekend., actually we did do something interesting on Sunday: we harvested our second set of bananas. The bunch had been on the tree since October, was absolutely dormant throughout winter and finally started growing in mid-March. One fine day, about three weeks ago, I saw that some bananas were starting to ripen. And then, owing to the sudden increase in temperature, the ripening quickened. We harvested 113 bananas… I was so shocked by the number that I actually recounted it to make sure.

Most people who saw the bananas said that they looked like the karpooravalli variety seen in India. We tasted one and felt that it did resemble karpooravalli… so Mr. P christened it Californiavalli :-).

Tuesday was a little stressful and by late evening, I was worked up. But as soon as I started making aappam for dinner, I realized that my stress was slowly going away. It’s true, trust me. While making them, I shot a small video (how to make a flower shaped aappam) for a cousin and his response was, “The process looks so Zen.” I told him it actually was Zen…

Condensed milk-milk powder peda

There was nothing else special about the week until a couple of my cousins (Ms. S & Ms. N) reached my parents’ place and turned my mom’s kitchen into a multi-cuisine restaurant. Every morning, we both woke up to photos of pasta, momos, pani puri, and paneer tikka by the girls and more rustic fare like parippu vada, aappam & stew, and more by Amma. The photos were sent, maybe with the intention of making us feel jealous, hungry, and greedy. They did not succeed in that FOR SURE, but a new emotion did grow in me. I don’t know whether to call it guilt: the guilt of not indulging in cooking as much as I used to before or of having become too lazy. Anyway, I told Mr. P, my mom and my cousins that I was going to do something about it… and I did. Lunch today was egg biriyani (thalappakatti style) and a decadent milk peda (fudge). Happy tummies, a slightly healed soul and a good nap, my Saturday couldn’t have been better.

Does this mean I am going to get back to my cooking experiments? Maybe… but not tonight, not after that heavy lunch. Dinner today will be a simple salad (especially because we don’t want to miss out on eating one more peda, at least).

As the week comes to an end, I have realized (again) that cooking is an awesome stress buster, it’s okay to indulge once in a while, and that I shouldn’t wait for guests to come over in order to make special dishes. We deserve it too 🙂

Until I write again, stay safe and stay healthy.


6 thoughts on “Cooking is Really Good for the Soul, Isn’t It?

  1. Totally agree, foodie dearest🤗🤗🤗today in lieu of the festival month of Aadi, I ended up making a full kalyana saapdu and served it on a traditional banana leaf. Just cooking an elaborate meal was such a blissful experience and guess what, making it with so much joy and enthusiasm made the food taste all the more better. Cheers to more cooking and more eating!!!

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      1. Actually no, it’s not the tastbuds that are the victims here it’s more of the stomach either we(B n I) end up over eating or we upset her by not eating enough, not liking it, if it’s an experiment…. Growing up I never minded it much, but now I know what is happening n either we (A n I mostly B not so much) will be the cause of it if it’s anger as certain things we point out even though it’s the fact she wouldn’t see the whole picture.

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