One Week Has Gone By So Sooon!

I can’t believe it has been one week since the super fun weekend, two and a half days of grilling (last week, I forgot to mention the exquisite paneer, onion, and bell pepper skewers made by two Mr. As), eating out, watching fireworks, experimenting with the IP and insightful conversations. Anyway, we went back to work after that and then the week just flew by. But we did miss having extra faces and voices around our home.

The Family Man!

How did we cope? We binge watched The Family Man on Amazon Prime and absolutely loved it. The first season was really good too… Just like Season 1, the second season also had a gripping story, an amazing star cast, well-written screenplay, and last but not the least, very colorful language (Thank you for the term, Ms. G). The episodes were so good that every time we turned one on saying, “We’ll just watch one now and leave the rest for later” we ended up watching at least 3. Now that Season 2 is done, we can’t wait for the next one…hope it releases soon :-).

Another series we really enjoyed was Law & Order Organized Crime on NBC. Unlike earlier versions of Law & Order, Organized Crime had just one story and it ended abruptly, leaving us yearning for more. With a few familiar faces from Special Victims Unit (SVU), the cast here too was well-picked, screenplay captivating, and story line very contemporary.


After two successful series, we chanced upon Ray on Netflix, a collection of four stories adapted from the works of Satyajit Ray. Of the four stories, we enjoyed the third (Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa) and fourth (Spotlight) stories the most, the first one was OK (Forget Me Not), and the second (Bahurupiya) was not too impressive. After The Family Man, I have a new found liking towards Manoj Bajpayee; he has done a good job in Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa too. The story is about two individuals with kleptomania, how their paths cross twice, and how their lives change.

After these series, we encountered three movies which shouldn’t be on anyone’s watch list: Sara’s, Cold Case, and Chaturmukham. Anna Ben, who has done good movies like Helen and Kumbalangi Nights, has played her part well in Sara’s, but somewhere along the way, the story lost its charm. The first 30-40 minutes were enjoyable, but the turn it takes after that got boring. Cold Case, supposedly a supernatural thriller, was not impressive at all. With Prithviraj in the lead, I guess, we just placed too much hope on the movie; some of the scenes were very predictable and there was no thrilling element. Similarly, Chathurmukham (a techno-thriller as the trailer claims) with its strong cast of Manju Warrier, Sunny Wayne, and Alencier tried to do lots of things but failed (in our eyes). Four phones designed by a guy who dies a tragic death come into the hands of four users, one being the heroine. The users experience many negative things as soon as they start using their phones, accidents, skin rashes, injuries and even death. Towards the end of the movie, they realize it is because of some negative force stored in the phones and try to destroy it, but in vain. It kind of reminded me of Voldermort and his horcruxes… but in no way can they be compared (only Potterheads will get this, sorry).

I think we both are gluttons for punishment when it comes to movies… our radar for good movies takes a vacation, we fall for the star cast and simply expect the movie to be good. And even after we realize that it is not really going anywhere, we still watch it till the end… and then complain. But, as a result of the torture we endure, you guys get to put them on your not to watch you’re very welcome.

To make up, here’s one show you should put on your list: Justin Willman’s Magic for Humans on Netflix.

I’ll leave you with that for now and until my next post, stay safe and healthy!


2 thoughts on “One Week Has Gone By So Sooon!

  1. Yes, weeks are passing at breakneck speed, without me achieving anything worth the time. Lot of effort goes into daily chores and other pastimes such as playing Bridge online, picking up fights on issues with friends on Whatsapp messages, fighting with spouse etc.
    Somehow, I have not picked up this habit of watching movies and shows on TV. Aparna and Prakash make it a special for us by offering a bouquet of movies that they have watched and enjoyed, while we all sit down for dinner.

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