Revisiting Some Old Favorites and A New Release!

Since How About Some Movie Reviews for a Change? got a lot of love, I decided to review a few more movies. Over the years, Mr. P and I have watched movies of all kinds, ranging from awesome, to mediocre, to downright unbearable. And I have noticed that even if we watch something based on other people’s recommendations, it doesn’t necessarily suit our tastes. So, even though we still rely on peer reviews, we have our own system of picking movies (not 100% foolproof), but still reliable. For instance, there have been times when we picked movies simply based on their unique names (for eg. Jilebi & Sunday holiday), and most of the times they have turned out to be enjoyable.

So, like last time, here’s my take on a few movies, new and old, that we recently watched.

Jagame ThandhiramPut On Do Not Watch List. When I had reviewed Karnan, I had mentioned how I had started liking Dhanush’s movies and how they have been enjoyable to say the least. Jagame Thandhiram was, unfortunately, a complete disaster. I guess we expected too much, and rightfully so, with a combination of Karthik Subbaraj and Dhanush. A director who has made brilliant films like Pizza and Jigarthanda, seems to have lost his touch in this one. Jagame Thandiram was luke warm at best. With a star cast of big names like Dhanush, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Joju George, there were only a handful of scenes that were actually enjoyable. Also, the Netflix version did not have a couple of songs, including the super popular Bujji song.

Muuna Bhai MBBS – Did I tell you that I recently started a new job? No? Well, I did and I am loving it. So, after a day that was unusually full of Zoom calls, I wanted to relax and watch something light. We picked Munna Bhai MBBS. Of course, we have watched it before, in Hindi and Tamil but still…it felt like a Munna Bhai-Circuit kinda day that day. For those who haven’t see either, the story revolves around a small time rowdy called Munna Bhai, who is forced to lie to his parents about his occupation; to them, he is a doctor. When the facade falls apart, because of Dr. Asthana, played by Boman Irani, Munna decides to get his revenge on the bad doctor. He vows to get himself a MBBS degree, from Dr. Asthana’s institution and to get married to the doctor’s daughter (his childhood friend). The movie revolves around Munna Bhai’s atrocities on the campus, some drama, some emotion and lots of laughs. The movie ends with Munna realizing that a MBBS degree was not his bas ki baat (out of his league), Dr. Asthana learning the importance of kindness and hero-heroine living happily ever after. Honestly, I like the second part more, but this one has its moments, espcially with Arshad Warsi’s ultimate portrayal of the reliable sidekick, Circuit. Prabhu, his Tamil counterpart, has come no where close. Another thing I noticed was that, in comparison to the Tamil version, the jokes in this one are clean… I wonder why Kamal Haasan felt the need to add a tinge of cheapness and vulgarity to his screenplay. Was that the only way to attract the Tamil audience? I don’t think so.

Jilebi – This was an accidental pick, and we absolutely loved it. Jayasurya, as a thani naatumburathukaaran (person from a rural area), is super realistic and a pleasure to watch. The two kids (his niece and nephew) are absolutely adorable, as the naughty kids from Dubai who are being sent to a boarding school in India. Jayasurya, the uncle, is given the responsibility of picking up the kids form the airport and taking them home and from there to the school. Most of the movie revolves around their road trip from home to the school, with hilarious accidents and mishaps involving the naughty kids and their not so tech-savvy uncle. They initially hate him, for being too strict and stuck up, but by the end of the journey they become inseparable. Starring Jayasurya, Ramya Nambeesan, Vijayaraghavan and others, Jilebi is definitely a good watch, especially for those looking for some clean comedy and good laughs.

Sunday Holiday – This was another accidental pick, which we chose based on the name. The cast was good too, with Sreenivasan, Asif Ali, Aparna Balamurali, Lal Jose, Asha Sharath, and others. The story is actually a movie story being narrated by a wannabe screenplay writer/director, played by Sreenivasan. He narrates the story to Lal Jose, who plays a director in the movie. Sreenivasan’s tale is about Asif Ali, a girl who breaks his heart, how he recovers, finds a job as a sales rep and meets Aparna, a medical student who does odd jobs on the side. A sweet story, with a happy ending, perfect to watch on a Sunday… just like the name suggests. I am sure you’ll enjoy it.

That’s all for this week… I hope you like the movies that we have enjoyed watching. Also, please feel free to recommend some that you have enjoyed… I would love to hear from you.

Until I write again, please stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!


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