How About Some Movie Reviews, for a Change?

I was racking my brain the entire week, trying to come up with an interesting topic to write about. After some time, I gave up and decided to wait till Saturday (I am an expert at doing things at the last minute) to pick a topic. Saturday came and went and I still did not have anything… Finally, I decided to take a slightly different route than usual and review some movies that we watched over the past few weeks. So, here goes 🙂



Vellam (Water) is based on a true story of an alcoholic who transforms from being a burden to his family to a successful businessman. The protagonist Murali, played by Jayasurya, shows all the traits of an addict: no steady job, drinking from sunrise to sundown, unnecessary altercations, stealing from his own home, and being accused of stealing from relatives (owing to of his bad reputation). From a man who tries to steal his daughter’s anklets to one who starts a successful tile business, Murali’s journey is very realistically portrayed. The actors who have played the hero’s parents, wife etc. have complemented Jayasurya well, to make a complete package. My only criticism is about the final few scenes that show the successful business man in a Rolls Royce and a completely changed look. I understand that they were trying to depict the man’s growth and prosperity but in my opinion, it lost a bit of the reality that was maintained throughout the story.

Just like his character, Murali, Jayasurya the actor has also transformed over the years. Compare his early movies such as Ooma Penninu Oriyada Payyan and Chadhikkyathu Chandhu with his recent ones like Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam, Captain, Jilebi, and now Vellam, to experience his brilliant evolution.


Like the poster claims, the movie Kala: The Unwanted (Weed) was just that — a blood game. Mr. P & I are fans of Tovino Thomas, especially after seeing his movies Kilometers & Kilometers, Ende Ummande Peru, Luca and others. So, when Kala released on Amazon Prime, we decided to watch it. Of the 130 minutes, only about 30 minutes were watchable, in our opinion. The rest was a complete blood bath. When I told a movie buff cousin about this movie, he said that his wife’s friends who watched the movie had ogled at and swooned over Tovino’s looks. I told him that, to be honest, Tovino did look very swoon-worthy but only for the first 30-40 minutes; after that he was covered in blood from head to toe… which was not too appealing to the senses.
Kala is about Shaji, a haughty egoistic man, his wife, son, and father. The hero has been unable to succeed in any of his business ventures and because of this, his father has a very low opinion about his son. This plays on Shaji’s ego and eventually is exhibited as bestial ferocity. Shaji kills a dog that belonged to a tribal boy and when the boy returns in the guise of a laborer to take revenge, Shaji is in for it. At the end of an unnecessarily long action sequence, the tribal boy succeeds in completely disarming Shaji and teaching him and his ego a lesson. The boy leaves with Shaji’s prized possession, a Cane Corso, an Italian Mastiff.


The next movie we chose to watch also turned out to have a lot of violence and bloodshed. Karnan, starring Dhanush, is well-made, showcases excellent acting by the stars, and has a social message but has a little too much violence for my liking. One interesting thing about the movie is the names of the main characters:
Karnan; his lady love Draupathi; his grandfather Yeama Raja, the village head Duryodhanan, a villager Abhimanyu, and Karnan’s mother Supatra. The story is that of two villages that are in constant conflict and the struggle to get an official bus stop for Karnan’s village, Podiyankulam. The trials and tribulations faced by the oppressed villagers have been portrayed realistically and maybe the story warrants the violence shown…but it was all too horrific for someone like me who watches movies for pure relaxation. Dhanush again is an actor that I have grown to like, over the past few years. I couldn’t stand him in his initial movies, but then came VIP, Mariyan, Mari (1&2), and Asuran where you can see his evolved acting skills.

Dheem Tharikida Thom

After two intense movies, we wanted to see something light and hilarious. We picked Dheem Tharikida Thom, a perfect Priyadarshan formula: multi-starrer + slapstick comedy + non-stop laughter. The simple story is of small-time drama troupe that employs all the main characters, their hilarious performances on stage, light-veined clashes between the artists, and a love story that blossoms amidst all the confusion. It was the best remedy after being traumatized by a lot agony, revenge, and bloodshed in the previously mentioned movies.

Operation Java

Mr. P happened to read good reviews about this one and I agree with the reviewers, it is definitely worth a watch. Operation Java is about two B-Tech graduates who are finding it difficult to land a decent full time job in their field. The story is based on “real-life cases and portrays investigations undertaken by a cyber cell police station in Cochin over the period of a year and half with the help of two engineering graduates.” After a couple of cases, the men are appointed as trainees/interns in the department. With their technical acumen, they help solve numerous cases involving job fraud, movie piracy and murders, all with the hope of getting a permanent placement in the department. But, to their utter disappointment, they are let go because of a government order calling for the dismissal of temporary employees. The movie depicts the struggles and discrimination faced by the two men at the hands of seasoned officers and the reality behind the lives of many interns who had to leave with only an experience letter and no permanent employment.


I have no idea how we missed this one, but as the saying goes ‘better late than never’, right? Guppy is a must-watch, for the brilliant performances by each character, especially the title role played by Chethan. After watching the movie last night, I was telling Mr. P, “I wonder if the boy won any award for this movie, he has done such a wonderful job.” Well, he has; he received the the Kerala State Award for Best Child Artist.
Guppy is about a young boy who lives with his wheel-chair bound mother. From taking care of her daily needs to delivering newspapers, working in a local tea stall, doing odd jobs around the town and selling guppy fish the boy does it all. He saves up money to buy a semi-automatic wheel chair for his mother and then comes across a fully automatic one and requests the shop owner to order one for him. As this is happening, an engineer comes to the town to build a bridge across the local railway gate. He claims to have been on a break from work, in Manali. The engineer and the boy clash during their first meeting and it escalates to an ego-war between them. Tovino, who plays the engineer, is initially portrayed as a hot headed guy who doesn’t respect others but in the end it turns out that he has a tragic story in the backdrop too. In the end, when things seem to get better between Guppy and the engineer, the boy loses his mother. The movie ends on a happy note, with the engineer and boy traveling together to a distant land away from their tragic pasts.

We usually pick movies based on critic and peer reviews, favorite actors, unique names etc. Sometimes they turn out to be awesome, at other times we regret our choice and give up. Just like other people’s reviews help us, I hope these reviews will be useful for you guys to pick and choose good movies to watch next.

Until I write again, stay safe and stay healthy and enjoy some good movies.


6 thoughts on “How About Some Movie Reviews, for a Change?

  1. Nice to see a change in topic. “Who doesn’t like a change, after all” 😄 and we all needed something light to watch or read at this point. Good choice I would say and thanks for this.

    If you liked that Guppy boy (Chethan) then don’t miss his performance in ‘Midnight Run’ a short film starring Dileesh Pothen (another favourite actor/ director of mine). This short film was directed by Remya Raj, a newcomer who did her job so well.

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