It’s Ramblings’ Blogversary, if There’s Such a Thing!

Just last week I was complaining about not finding anything positive to write about, and here I am, writing a positive, happy post. This is proof enough that life does not always remain down in the dumps, it does look up now and then, giving you the push to keep going ahead.

I officially started rambling in mid-2019 but my routine was so erratic that I posted only five times that year. I have no one else to blame but myself and my procrastinating ways. Anyway, 2020 brought with it a pandemic, a long work from home schedule, and a milestone anniversary. Being confined at home in the midst of it all, I needed a creative outlet and couldn’t think of anything better than pouring my heart out in the form of words. Thus began my commitment to writing.

I started with Of Anniversaries and Friendships on May 29th, 2020 to celebrate our milestone anniversary and our awesome family & friends who made the day extra special. Since then, I have managed to ramble once a week, till today. So, as Mr. P & I celebrate another anniversary, I’d also like to celebrate Ramblings’ Blogversary. Happy Anniversary to all three of us :-).

Just like last year, this anniversary also began with a live session of our neighborhood (Chennai) Ganesha’s abhishekam, which I am pretty sure was planned especially for today even though my mother claimed it to be a coincidence. Our day was supposed to start with a hike, which we had been planning for ages but finally after all the phone calls, we felt it was too late to get ready and go. So, being a long weekend, we have currently pushed it to Monday; let’s see if it happens. After a string of phone calls from family and friends, I set about on my experiment for the day, ate a sumptuous lunch, and visited a temple after one and a half years (read as my excuse to drape a new sari that had been in my closet for the past six months ;-))

Anyway, as I sat down to write this post, I scrolled through the archives and believe it or not, I was a little dazed by the amount of writing I have done in the past year. One thing I am clear about though is that this would have not been possible without the constant support and encouragement from all of you. I am grateful for the comments, topic suggestions, and likes (over 500) that have motivated me to keep the commitment going; I hope it continues this way, so that I can keep writing and celebrate more blog anniversaries and milestones. Once again, Happy Anniversary to Us and Ramblings!

Until I write again, stay safe, healthy and happy!

P.S. My successful experiment was a Mango-Coconut Cake, recipe courtesy Nadiya Hussain of Nadiya Bakes/The Great British bake Off fame.

I don’t care if I sound very cheesy, but just a few days ago we came to know that Premam (one of our favorite movies) released on May 29th…coincidence eh?


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