Covid-19 Is Taking a Toll… On Everyone!

I was really busy the whole of last week and as I entered the weekend, I thought it would get better. But, no, it only got busier and I was almost ready to skip this week’s post. Then, I realized that I should practice what I write. How could I not write after bragging about being completely committed to the blog?

The past few weeks have been very sobering because of how Covid-19 has been ravaging India and other parts of the world. The situation in India has worsened so much that daily cases touched 400,000 on Friday and the number of ‘reported’ deaths has been climbing steadily. The situation is now so dire that almost everyone in my friends’ circle here and in India and I know someone who has Covid. The rate at which the disease is spreading all over the country is scary, especially for us ex-pats who are sitting thousands of miles away from loved ones. I can’t even imagine the situation of those who have lost their loved ones and have had to stay abroad because of travel restrictions and surging Covid cases.

People are struggling for Oxygen, where is this world going?

A couple of days ago, we were watching an online news channel and the sights we saw were disheartening and disturbing, to say the least. The visuals were all the same, regardless of the location. People were gathering outside hospitals in cars, autos, ambulances, unable to get access because the hospitals were at maximum capacity. Even worse was the sight of people struggling to get oxygen for their loved ones who were gasping for breath. I still remember one guy saying, “I have enough money, but what’s the point when I can’t use the money to provide my family with oxygen.”

As we watched the video for about 10 mins, my eyes welled up and I couldn’t take it anymore and as I took a few deep breaths to regain my composure, from the corner of my eyes, I noticed Mr. P wipe his eyes too.

Can anything be worse? Yes. People’s stupidity. Amidst all this chaos, people are still organizing and attending weddings with 100 or more guests, posing for group photographs without wearing masks, dressing up in PPEs to get married because the groom had tested positive, and still roaming around as though they are invincible against this virus. Sitting so far away, all we can do is hope that these people start realizing the seriousness of the situation and understand the importance of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Don’t you think it is high time that they do, considering that it has been 18 months since the world has been enveloped by this devastating pandemic? I am signing off today in a somber mood, with my thoughts going out to all my family members, friends, and everyone who is battling Covid-19. And please remember that you can reach out to us at any time; even though we are far away, we may be able to point you to acquaintances who have an amazing network of people working nationwide, to coordinate oxygen supply, hospitals, food, and anything you may need.

Until I write again, stay home, stay safe, stay strong, and get vaccinated as soon as possible. We will brave this together, and all will be well soon.

Feature Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels


6 thoughts on “Covid-19 Is Taking a Toll… On Everyone!

  1. So true! I stopped watching news as it can only give me a heavy heart. Now I keep in touch with my people directly and that way I feel much better. The situation is really bad in India and somehow I knew deep within, if not covid then something else, we weren’t investing anything for a better future.

    The changes in lifestyle for the last 20 years is an example to know how we ruined ourselves. All that we cared was money and “temporary luxury.”

    Cutting down trees, building more and more concrete buildings, using plastics and one time disposables, polluting the air, river, oceans. Using it all for our own self without sparing anything for the coming generations.

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