Self-Reflections of a Gemini

As I sat thinking about what to write this week, I wondered…why not do some self exploration to figure out my Zodiac traits? I have always believed that I am a genuine Gemini so I did some research to find proof for my claim. My research took me to a quite a few websites and at first, I thought I’d pick only the positive attributes… that wouldn’t be fair now, would it? So, I chose a blend of positives and not so positives and did some soul-digging.

My zodiac sign and my favorite book, etched forever on my wrist!

One of the first things that caught my attention was that Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, which “Makes Geminis fast, witty and super into communications. Words are their weapon of choice.” I definitely communicate better when I write…so yeah, words are my weapon of choice and the fact that I have been working with words for over a decade now may not be so coincidental after all.

Most of the articles I read had listed these as typical traits of a Gemini — dynamic, adjustable, creative, humorous, perfect blend of sarcastic and kind, lack of consistency and decision making ability, easily distracted, impatient, and the best for the last, a Gemini’s dual personalities symbolized by The Twins.

Let’s start with that then. I strongly believe that I have at least two: one that everyone sees and knows and one that is so secretive that even I don’t see everyday. Please don’t confuse my dual personalities to the Multiple Personality Disorder portrayed by Shobhana in Manichitrathazhu… my problem is caused by simply being a Gemini. My persona that people see has pretty much all the positive and negative traits mentioned above. I am super friendly and I get along with people well, I can be sarcastic when required and can be distracted very very easily. Sparks of creativity come and go, but because I am impatient and inconsistent, many of my projects are left incomplete (much to the annoyance of my husband, because I leave all the materials lying around, insisting that I will get to them soon).

I read somewhere that the dual personalities make it difficult for Geminis to have constant likes and dislikes, “You will love something one day and hate the same thing on other days.” I don’t agree with that because I have many likes and dislikes that have stayed constant for years. One trait that I agree with completely though is that, “Geminis are great friends and are always around for their loved ones.” I may not have too many close friends, but the ones I hold dear know that I will be there for them at any time.

This reminds me of an incident that happened a couple of years ago. At my last job, I met a guy who is exactly a decade and a day younger than me. That was enough to make a connection and we had a few conversations about being June-borns. A discussion about friendships happened and I told him that even though I come across as being talkative and social, in reality I am very picky when it comes to choosing friends. He was amazed to hear me echo his exact thoughts and was glad to have found someone who understood what it meant to have dual, conflicting personalities.

There is a general notion that a Gemini can easily get bored if a relationship isn’t interesting enough; but a Gemini woman also yearns for a stable relationship to balance out her tumultuous soul. I can relate to the second statement, because stability is what Mr. P brings to our relationship. I knew that what we have is special, and this only helped reinforce my belief: “The Gemini female will be attracted to a Libra – for their good looks, exquisite taste and desire to be surrounded by beauty.” Can you guess my husband’s zodiac sign? Hint — it’s the sign I am supposed to be naturally attracted to. Looks like we were meant to be!

I think I now have enough proof to claim that I am a true blue Gemini and if you ever feel that I am happy one day and gloomy or pissed off the next time you see me, please understand that it’s not me, it is my multiple personalities having a royal argument with each other!

P.S. I end today’s post with a heavy heart. The world lost a wonderful Gemini today, the legendary singer, S.P Balasubramanyam (SPB). When we moved into our home in Madras, the highlight was that SPB lived right across the street from our apartment. And today, the street was filled with people who had come to pay their respects to SPB. My mother said that for a few minutes in the afternoon, the sky darkened; there was thunder, lightening and light rain, as though the universe itself was bidding a tearful farewell to the legend.

SPB has left us with almost 45,000 songs in different Indian languages and has sung for super stars like Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth and Salman Khan. His voice can tug at your heart strings like no other and though I never got to see him when in Madras, my husband and I were lucky enough to watch him perform live here. The experience was priceless.

Legends don’t die… Rest in Peace SPB!


5 thoughts on “Self-Reflections of a Gemini

  1. You were born on 19 Jun. So some influence of the Crab also is likely. Then it depends, whether you believe in Sun signs, moon signs or traditional Indian astrology. I feel that some parts of these beliefs stem from trying to find someone or something responsible for your current suffering or problems. When everything is going smooth, nobody bothers about astrology.
    While at it, the common traits given for each star is more or less vague, that you could agree with them mostly. I am a Cancer born, with a cusp of Leo. I am not an introvert, but very choosy about friends. I have very strong likes and dislikes and do both passionately.

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    1. I agree that people rely on or start believing in such things more when things aren’t going well in life. I’ve never believed the forecasts based in the zodiac signs or on Indian astrology, but I do feel that my traits align more with those of Gemini than of the Crab!


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